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Be our Guest...Elcor's DayTyme Program

An innovative, convenient, alternative in meeting the needs of the elderly and their families.

DayTyme is a program which involves individuals, family and the community in a team effort approach to keep elderly residents in the community and home with their families. Adult day care provides specialized services which motivate spirits and rekindles interest in health and activity.

DayTyme is a social, family experience in which staff and community members laugh and participate in crafts, church services, and exercise workouts while still remaining focused on the physical and mental capacity of all participants. Elcor has been a member of the community for over thirty years and relishes its role in providing thought provoking, helpful and enjoyable programs which remember the individual needs.

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult Day Care-known as DayTyme at Elcor is an individualized program which provides an alternative to full-time nursing home placement or being home alone. DayTyme provides supervision and social opportunities by day, while keeping home and family ties together during the evenings and weekends. In short, it is a modern, caring answer to a challenge faced by a great many families who are concerned for their loved ones.

Who uses Adult Day Care?

DayTyme offers services that range from active rehabilitation to social and health related care. It is for older persons, younger disabled adults and their families, or those responsible for their care. The program provides a variety of health and social services in a friendly, family setting, enhancing the daily lives of the participants, and permitting their continued involvement in the community.

What activities and programs does DayTyme offer?

DayTyme consists of a well-balanced schedule of daily activities and supportive care and is individually designed to meet the needs of each person. Operating from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday, DayTyme provides such attractive features as:

Availability of therapies including physical, occupational., speech and recreational. Reality orientation and motivational therapy are also included.

  • Discussion of current topics and special features in the participants' field of interest.
  • Nutritional snacks and a full meal, supervised by a licensed dietitian.
  • Quiet rooms for leisure hours.
  • Podiatry, dentistry, nursing, dietary, social and personal grooming services, including a fully staffed and equipped beauty parlor.
  • Religious services.
  • Colorful Holiday events and activities.
  • Medical and social evaluation and intervention.

The facilities of Elcor are bright, modern, attractive in a quiet, restful setting, conveniently located adjacent to Route 17/I-86 and easily accessible from any part of New York's Southern Tier.

Transportation: Transportation to and from Elcor can be arranged by Elcor staff.

The Elcor DayTyme Team: At Elcor, we have a skilled Day Care team, experienced in and dedicated to meeting the needs of our guests and their families.

Members of the team include:

Our Program Director is a registered nurse, who supervises the medical, physical and social requirements of each registrant.

Our Social Worker ensures that the psycho-social needs of each of our registrants is met and maintains close contact with the family and community resources.

Our Therapeutic-Activity Leader plans, organizes and directs our recreational program and who is also in charge of our therapeutic exercise programs.

Certified Nursing Assistants assist in meeting the personal care needs of registrants, also assists the rehabilitation team in the development of the “whole person” in providing for the registrants physical, mental and social well-being.

Our team is thoroughly dedicated to providing the highest level of mental and physical stimulation for all of our registrants. The hours pass quickly as Elcor's DayTyme quests relax or are busy with a variety of fun and stimulating activities.

For additional information, please call or stop by.

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